Yosemite 2002 Photos

Falls at Yosemite.jpg (96617 bytes)

Jack at tunnel area.jpg (92864 bytes) Jan and falls on head.jpg (97738 bytes) bear 1 (Altered, Rotation).jpg (69727 bytes) Bear close-up (Altered, Rotation).jpg (85191 bytes) Jan and Jack with bear (Altered, Rotation).jpg (71515 bytes)
Another bike trail (Altered, Rotation).jpg (114374 bytes) Bike trails at Yosemite.jpg (106943 bytes) Another bike trail.jpg (78481 bytes) Jan and I at the bridge.jpg (99779 bytes) Bridge.jpg (137352 bytes)
Jan at Yosemite 1 (Altered, Rotation).jpg (101807 bytes) Jan with valley below.jpg (112239 bytes) Jan atop trail.jpg (65136 bytes) Jack 1.jpg (109985 bytes) drink break (Altered, Lighting).jpg (71273 bytes)
Jack at upper falls trail.jpg (106287 bytes) Jan at upper falls trail (Altered, Rotation).jpg (90297 bytes) Jack at upper falls (Altered, Rotation).jpg (100268 bytes) Fall reflection (Altered, Lighting).jpg (78492 bytes) Beautiful falls.jpg (115204 bytes)
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