Yosemite 2002 Photos

Ducks.jpg (101274 bytes) Jans Ducks 1.jpg (107978 bytes) Jan's ducks 2 (Altered, Lighting).jpg (81353 bytes) Jan's ducks 5 (format change to JPEG High Quality).jpg (78887 bytes) Jan's ducks 6 (Altered, Lighting).jpg (80401 bytes)
Ducks swiming.jpg (108856 bytes) Village store (Altered, Lighting).jpg (87643 bytes)

Jan.jpg (106080 bytes)

camper with Jan (Altered, Lighting).jpg (61597 bytes) Eating breakfast.jpg (61036 bytes)
Jan mixing batter.jpg (59977 bytes) Pre-baked cake.jpg (69493 bytes) Jan icing cake (Altered, Rotation).jpg (57349 bytes) Jack blowing out candles.jpg (64788 bytes) Relaxing outside camper (Altered, Lighting).jpg (83579 bytes)

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